Julia Russell Massage Services
Julia Russell Massage (JRM) was established in 2001. Since then JRM has been providing massage services that cater to the needs of elite and local sporting teams, individual athletes, performers, music festivals and bands, companies and events as well as individuals whether they are amateur competitors, exercise regularly or simply spend long hours at the desk. No matter which category you fall into, massage plays an important role in ensuring that you are able to perform to your potential. For individuals you can visit any JRM therapist at one of their many locations or they can come to you in your home, see our 'individual massage' page for details.

JRM therapists are all qualified professionals. They regularly work with elite athletes of various sports and are very experienced in addressing the needs of those individuals. We work on a weekly basis with teams competing in national competitions such as the National Rugby League, Super 15 Rugby, Sheffield Shield Cricket, A-League Football, AFL and ANZ Netball Championship to name a few. We perform their weekly recovery sessions and in many cases their pre, mid and post game massage at the ground. Their knowledge of the team environment is second to none as is their professionalism. We believe everyone who is having a massage should experience the same high quality treatment. The therapists at JRM are not only skilled in their profession, they listen to the needs of each individual before commencing the massage so that every clients' needs are met.

All of our therapists have professional indemnity and public liability insurance and are registered with the NRL integrity unit.

JRM is a business built with a focus on customer service, discretion, confidentiality and professionalism. We understand that each client has different requirements and that in the dynamic environment of professional sports these requirements will continue to evolve. We pay particular attention to these changes and apply them to our service and it is through this methodology that JRM's relationships with its customers continue to grow and strengthen.
Other Services Available
As well as providing massage many of our therapists are qualified sports trainers and strappers so we can provide you with many of the game day services you need.